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Ark Angels Wildlife Rescue, Inc. is a 501(C)3 non profit corporation licensed in Florida. Your donations are tax-deductible.

  Every year hundreds of animals pass through the center on their way to release.  Most of these are babies in need of continuous care.  While we all gladly give of our time, the costs of care continue to soar.  Formula alone is over ten dollars per pound.  Baby transition foods, fruits, veggies, and eggs add to the ever increasing costs of raising these youngsters for the time they are with us, and that is often close to a year.  Then there is laundry, at least a load per day, and food dish washing, cage cleaning with bleach and soap, and the many medications so many need to have.

     Sometimes babies and adults arrive in such bad condition that they need veterinary care.  This can be extremely costly depending on the injury.  Some individuals are debilitated to such a degree from injury or age that they become part of the permanent residents who remain with us until they cross the Rainbow Bridge .  These individuals make up the family unit for the growing youngsters and teach them valuable behaviors and language that the 'kids' will need when they are released back to the wild. 

     We are now asking for support for these individuals through "online adoption".  Should one of our many babies touch your heart, we ask that you "adopt" them.  You will be provided with a photo, and a certificate of adoption for one calendar year.  You will also be able to see individuals on youtube links.  Your "adoption fee" will help defray the costs of providing complete care for that individual.  You will be able to receive email updates, as well.

     Check back soon as we open the adoption center with photos and more information.




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