Sometimes when you least expect it, you are a TV star!  A big THANK YOU to Carmel Cafiero (center) and the WSVN 7 team for joining us in our fight to save the Caribbean Raccoons in the Florida Keys through the years.  Barbie loves Carmel's shoulder and Nancy (right) is holding a three- week -old baby, Frankie.

Say hello to Richie.  As you can easily see, he has his hands full with these six little guys wanting their bottle and getting tired of waiting for their turn.  Once they become mobile, they are pretty hard to wrangle, even at dinner time.  Richie does a fabulous jobs of managing them.  He is a very attentive and loving "Papa" to all of the little guys.  Richie does it all.  He feeds, he rescues, he transports, gives attention, and supports wildlife rehab.  He is truly a hero for the little fuzzbutts.

Our Heroes!  The Monroe County Sheriff's Office has always been there for us, ready to lend a hand, or many hands in some cases. The officers take their motto, "TO SERVE AND PROTECT", very seriously.  They have always been there for our babies and for that we are eternally grateful.

My precious daughter Lisa holding one of our babies for a quick photo.  Needless to say, Lisa had a very interesting childhood!  Through all the missions and adventures we shared, she grew strong and became self-confident and focused.  I am so proud of her.  I know that her life will be filled with many furry faces and she WILL make a difference!

Meet Chris, an incredibly dedicated, compassionate, loving human being who was forever changed by a darling little girl named Rosie.  Once that tiny baby came into her care, everything changed for wildlife in the Keys.  Their newfound friend was able to accomplish things for them that no one else had been able to do.  Chris is a miracle worker!

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Teri is a remarkable young woman with the strength of her convictions.  A wee slip of a little masked angel stole her heart right from the start.  As an avid NASCAR fan, there was only one name for this little dynamo, Intimidator!  She did an amazing job raising her little boy, until he was accidently injured.  After he came to us, the rest, as they say, is history.  Teri has her own place now, and Little Critters is making a difference in the central part of the state only because one person cared enough to try and make a difference.

Kelly, captured in a fairly typical moment, with carrier in one hand and taking a call with the phone in the other hand.  She is standing in her hospital facility at Crane Point Hammock, in Marathon.   Kelly came to the Keys with an impressive history.  She interned at the Wild Bird Center in Tavernier, under the careful guidance of Laura Quinn, founder and director.  After completing her internship there, she founded the Marathon Wild Bird Center.  She is an integral part of our wildlife networking in the Florida Keys.  She is the consumate rehabber rescueing birds as easily as mammals.  Because the Keys are over 100 miles end to end, her dedication to all wildlife makes her center a sort of way-station for wild mammals before they are transported to us.  Kelly is truly amazing!

Say hello to Cara.  She is one extra~ordinary teen!  She does it all with a nearly perfect 4.0, to being the Captain of her cheerleading squad, and all of the other activities she participates in.  But her heart is the biggest of all and her compassion for those without a voice is boundless.  With the support of her parents, she rescues and triages before the rescuees are transferred to Ark Angels.  Even more amazing is her devotion to bats.  After rescuing a tiny bat on vacation, she fell in love with them and familiarized herself with their plight.  She can now rehab bats from newborns to adults, even those with injuries, and looks forward to the day that she will be able to attend BATCAMP with the amazing Amanda Lollar, the founder of bat rehabilitation worldwide.

Meet Nate.  He is a really special guy because he has been helping his mom and dad rescue babies whenever he can.  He is really interested in learning all he can about the babies we get into care and one day, he will be one heck of a rehabber!  You could say that rehab runs in the family.


YESTERDAY                  TODAY- Kilimanjaro, Africa 2006

Once upon a time there was a little boy whose parents loved the outdoors and all of it's wonderous creatures.  One day, the little boy's dad brought home a little orphan named Murphy.  From then on, Matt and Murphy were inseparable buddies.  That little boy grew into an incredible man who is teaching his own son to love and respect all life as he had learned to do when he was a little boy. 


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Tropical Storm Fay blew these three poor baby squirrels out of their nest. The kids discovered them in between squalls, on a quick trip downstairs to fight mounting cabin fever.  The little squirrels were shivering cold and wet, but Jonathan David, Marissa & Maleah quickly rubbed them with a warm towel and began reading about squirrel rescue online. Simliar to their Opossum rescue last Spring, soon a hot water bottle was placed in a shoebox,but before we could begin rehydration with with a sugar water salt recipe from the rescue site,  Ark Angels returned our call.....Susan  

Meet Lauren, a young lady who has already committed her life to bettering the lives of shelter animals, has now opened her heart to wildlife rescue with her first opossum.  This little guy was found wandering around her yard, probably looking for his mommy, when he was rescued by Lauren.  Notice how happy the little guy is, not to mention his rescuer!!  We are hoping to see a lot more of Lauren in the coming years, not only as a rescuer, but a volunteer!!  GO LAUREN!!

Robert never expected that his life would take such an unexpected turn that he would be living side-by-side with wildlife, let alone feeding pinkie squirrels round-the-clock.  Clearly, he has the situation well in hand and has become the loving parent to a steady parade of wild thing in need, at our sister facility, Santa Rosa County Wildlife Rescue.

There is a belief among rehabbers that rehabbing picks you, not the other way around.  In Kim's case that couldn't be more true.  As a passionate cat rescuer and veterinary tech, Kim has always been someone who not only speaks her passions, but practices them as well.  However, raccoons were not even on her list of favorites.  In fact, her feeling were quite the opposite until a meeting with an incredibly dehydrated and starved baby "Binky" came into her life.  Binky needed more intensive care that I could realistically provide at work, so I asked Kim to step up.  She did.  It was a life saving moment for Binky and a life changing moment for Kim.  She was forever changed and has become a passionate wildlife advocate.  Miracles do happen, I know because Binky is alive and well today despite all the odds against her and as you can tell from this photo of Jack and Kim, raccoons have become her passion.  All of us are so grateful to have Kim on the team.

( This is Jack, a permanent who suffered severe head trauma, which fractured a tooth, his nose, and caused a traumatic catarac to form in his right eye.  He was obviously kept by someone and then given up not long after his injuries.  His behavior is not typical wild behavior and no one should expect normal raccoons to behave this way.)

Susan has been a part of the team nearly from the beginning.  She has always been particularly fond of squirrels, but has rehabbed so many babies of so many varieties that we have lost count.  Here she is receiving a set of new buns whose nest was ravaged by a dog.  The homeowners promptly rescued the babies and brought them to us.  They are very lucky to be in the capable hands of Susan.


Who keeps us all connected

Erin and Walt are very precious friends who care passionately about our Keys wildlife, and in particular the very special Caribbean Raccoons that live exclusively in the Florida Keys.  Those two little bandits have Erin and Walt wrapped around their little fingers!

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